University of Lahore

Health Professional Technology is newly established department under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS) The rendezvous of confinement of this department is September 2014.

The foundation milestone of this department is launching four disciplines (BSSLP , BS Audiology, and BSOT & PGDNIO) in well nominated university of Pakistan.

BS Audiology deals with hearing, balance and related disorders and rehabilitation. BSSLP (BS speech & Language Pathology) deals with communication disorders. BSOT(BS Occupational Therapy) prevent disability & promote health through purposeful activities or interventions. (PGDNIO)Post Graduate Diploma in Non-Invasive Orthopedics for Physicians, Physical therapists and Medical Imaging Doctors (MID) who want to practice their careers in clinical setup, teaching and research. All theses disciplines will increase professionals towards different treatments in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and health care institutes and introduce new advancement of skills with expertise in the field of rehabilitation. Graduates of The University of Lahore are well equipped to meet the new challenges of society, Hospitals, Special centers, inpatient rehabilitation, Home physical conditions, Outpatient clinics, assisted living facilities, Old age homes and Mental Health etc.

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